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Sorry for not updating this site in some time. It has been a year of changes for my family and things fell by the side for a while. If you have not purchased my last book Hunting Hollywood please do so. I have added a few reviews to this site about the book.


I have a Kindle only book coming out this month called “Renewing Republicanism” which addresses political issues related to the GOP. It will be a short read of about 50 pages or so. My first fiction book called “Enemy Within” will be released first on Kindle on May 1st, 2016. The paperback will follow about a month later. I am proud of it because I was able to include situations that I have faced in my 12 years of private security work.

I’m currently working on a second Hollywood series book called “Hunting Hollywood Legends” it is a guide to the final resting places of many celebrities and directions if you would like to visit them. I hope to have this book done in the fall.