Now Available: Enemy Within

Enemy Within Cover

My first fictional book Enemy Within is now available for download on Kindle. This is the story of John and Jenifer Larson. They are high school sweethearts who seem to have lost the love they once held dear. After moving to a new town to start over they find the rift between them bigger than before.

John takes a job at a local security company and begins an investigation that will change his life forever. Jenifer becomes involved with an older man who will make her question everything she ever thought she felt. They will both be caught in a series of events that teach them to fight for what they love and will teach them that the greatest enemy is closer than they thought.

Download it today for just $2.99


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Sorry for not updating this site in some time. It has been a year of changes for my family and things fell by the side for a while. If you have not purchased my last book Hunting Hollywood please do so. I have added a few reviews to this site about the book.


I have a Kindle only book coming out this month called “Renewing Republicanism” which addresses political issues related to the GOP. It will be a short read of about 50 pages or so. My first fiction book called “Enemy Within” will be released first on Kindle on May 1st, 2016. The paperback will follow about a month later. I am proud of it because I was able to include situations that I have faced in my 12 years of private security work.

I’m currently working on a second Hollywood series book called “Hunting Hollywood Legends” it is a guide to the final resting places of many celebrities and directions if you would like to visit them. I hope to have this book done in the fall.

Hunting Hollywood Is Here!

You can now purchase Hunting Hollywood for Kindle or in paperback through this website. Just look under my Non-Fiction Category to get the link. Please leave me a review on Amazon or send one in through email. Share it with your friends and families. In case you are unsure what this book is about check out the description right next to the link. Thank you all for being the best.

Getting Started

We are just getting started here at Several of my titles are being updated and will become available soon. My new book Hunting Hollywood is set to release February 2nd. We have added to the website the books that are available as of now. We will let you know as the others are added. Please follow us through this website and Facebook to keep up to date. Thank you all so much.