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Sorry for not updating this site in some time. It has been a year of changes for my family and things fell by the side for a while. If you have not purchased my last book Hunting Hollywood please do so. I have added a few reviews to this site about the book.


I have a Kindle only book coming out this month called “Renewing Republicanism” which addresses political issues related to the GOP. It will be a short read of about 50 pages or so. My first fiction book called “Enemy Within” will be released first on Kindle on May 1st, 2016. The paperback will follow about a month later. I am proud of it because I was able to include situations that I have faced in my 12 years of private security work.

I’m currently working on a second Hollywood series book called “Hunting Hollywood Legends” it is a guide to the final resting places of many celebrities and directions if you would like to visit them. I hope to have this book done in the fall.


See What’s Coming

With Hunting Hollywood available for purchase now we are in full publicity mode but it would be wrong for us not to look ahead. I have several projects in the works and expect several more books and booklets to be out this year in every category. Coming soon in my non-fiction category are several political subjects. One is an examination of the ties between the Republican Party and the evangelical church. The other is a booklet on how the Republican Party can renew itself in the changing political climate.


In my religious category I’m working on a full length book on Roman Catholicism as well as a booklet on the doctrines of the Bride of Christ and feet washing. Also down the road is a booklet on the Jehovah’s Witness religion and an examination of the modern American Evangelical movement.


I will also be releasing my first fiction novels. The first will be the first in a series and will take from my over 12 years of experience as a security guard. The second book will be the first in a second series on hauntings. I will alternate books and do one from the first series then one from the second and so on.


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