Hunting Hollywood

“Hunting Hollywood by Rick Garland is a new filming locations book released on January 10, 2015 that explores Garland’s favorite childhood and adult TV shows and films. Garland’s book is rich in detail that begins each TV show or film with a brief plot synopsis, anecdotal stories, filming location address (and additional directions for locations without an address), and screenshots from the TV Show/film along with photos of the actual location today. The book is over 400 pages but is a quick read and easy to locate your favorite TV show/film by using the table of contents or the filming location (by city) using the index.

The book covers a variety of filming locations mostly in the greater LA area with roughly 30% located in the SFV which was obviously my greatest area of interest. Some of the locations I was aware of  but I was still humbled to learn of locations for The Brady Bunch pilot house in Studio City, various North Hollywood locations from Scrubs TV show, and the Casino staircase from Back To The Future 2 in Universal City.

With a majority of filming conducted on the streets of LA, this book is a handy reference for classic 70’s, – 2000’s TV shows and films.”
— San Fernando Valley Blog (Southern California Blog)

“This book gives you pictures of then and now. It gives background information of shows as well as information about plots and the characters! Plus, it gives locations so if you want to go there yourself, you have the info given to you without having to research it yourself. Rick has taken his hobby and turned it into book to share his enthusiasm, and love for movies and television both old and new with the rest of us. Honestly, a great read!”
— Christine Thingstad (Amazon Kindle Customer)

“Love this book, Rick has taken his hobby and elevated it into a book that is very informative. Not only does he show pictures of the filming locations back then but also current pictures with him standing in front of the filming locations, makes the whole movie/tv show seem a lot more real!! This book goes into depth about the shows/movies and the pictures that are shown the episodes are layed out it is very informative and I would recommend to this book to anyone!”
— Nicole Gillespie (Paperback Customer)

“I have always wondered where some of my favorite tv shows and movies were located, the fictional cities where these characters lived. Only to find out they are California based. He did an excellent job of including pictures. I read the kindle edition, so it made it a bit more interesting. Hope he will write more like this, you can never learn and experience too much. A definite recommendation to anyone who is curious.”
— James Herrington (Amazon Kindle Customer)