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Hunting Hollywood: Introduction

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Whenever I tell people my hobby of looking up and visiting filming locations the question naturally arises about how I got involved in such a hobby. The answer is simple, it came about by accident. I heard a rumor that the television show “Scrubs” which was a favorite of mine was filmed in an actual hospital and not in a studio.

I doubted this information and decided to look it up online. When it was confirmed that it was indeed filmed in a hospital building I thought it would be neat to visit that building and see it in person. My then girlfriend and I were wanting to go to Hollywood for the day anyway so we decided to hop a Greyhound from where we lived in Bakersfield and go to North Hollywood where the hospital was and then take the subway into Hollywood from there.

After this trip I was planning to take my sister and brother in law to Hollywood since she had never been there. I wanted to take them by that hospital but really wanted to make the trip special so I decided to see if any other shows were filmed nearby. I found a few and added them to our itinerary.

Once we returned home from the trip my sister was curious about other shows and found a few more locations in the Southern California area. This enticed me to look for yet others. Before long I not only had a good size list but I was planning a trip just to see these places that I had seen before only on television.

This first full sightseeing trip deepened my desire to find more and more places. Soon more and more trips followed usually trying to see 20 to 30 houses per trip. I then began to go back and see places more than once as I took several friends on trips to see some of these places. I present here pictures from the shows as well as pictures of my own. My pictures are on top and the ones from the show are on the bottom so you can compare them.

My love for television and movies or as I say “Classic Hollywood” goes back to being raised partially by my grandparents who instilled in me a love for the old black and white movies of the golden era of Hollywood. We watched on a regular basis movies from the 30’s to the 60’s and my love for the actors and actresses, clothing styles, and elegance of that era was forever sealed.

My first visit to Hollywood as a 13 year old boy even furthered my love. Seeing the tall buildings of Downtown Los Angeles, left me breathless. I was awestruck walking down Hollywood Boulevard looking at the stars names on the sidewalk. I was filled with wonder as I saw the old buildings that I just knew were used by the celebrity’s of days gone by.

I did not return for over 15 years but as an adult I was able to rekindle that awe. Even today though I have been to Hollywood at least 3 dozen times I walk the streets with awe and wonder. I can’t pass the Taft building without picturing Clark Gable bursting through the doors to play cards in the basement during a break at the studio.

I can’t sit in Musso and Frank Grill without picturing my favorite character actor William Frawley in there having his many meals and then tracing his steps back to the Knickerbocker Hotel where he lived for many years. I can’t look at the Roosevelt Hotel without picturing Shirley Temple learning her now famous stair dance in the lobby or without picturing elderly resident Elizabeth Patterson returning home after shooting I Love Lucy at nearby Desilu Studios.

I know those days are long gone but when I walk the streets or drive around town I take myself back to a place where the Marx Brothers make us laugh, where Hope and Crosby are making Road Trips, where Jack Benny is guarding his beloved safe, and where the scheming Lucy is still trying to get into the show. Come with me as we take a journey from yesterday to today and see the filming locations of shows and movies we love.

Join me now in Hunting Hollywood!